About me...

Hello + welcome! My name is Neda Aboud; I was born in Iran and grew up in the Netherlands. After my graduation for fashion and design, I started working for two fashion designers in the Netherlands. Not so long after I decided to move and work in London for it is a great inspiring city and job opportunities in the fashion industry. After nearly two years of success in my work for two fashion companies, I became eager to grow my hobby interest as a painter and photographer. The only place in the world where I could find peace all the time was Iran and so I moved there.

I always had a very creative mind full of imagination. I’m inspired by great famous painters and photographers around the world and their passion for making art. As an abstract painter - mostly acrylics on canvas - I like to create art for people to give them strength and inspiration. When I start to paint I don’t think about ‘’what’’ I want to paint. I choose colors and emotions that ful-fill my day. As soon as the painting is done I think about where it might have come from: was it a particular recent or past experience or did it come from my inspirations during my traveling and sightseeing? My abstract designs can have a specific meaning or no meaning at all. The figuration comes afterwards.

I started doing photography as a hobby for the past four years. Taking pictures of interesting places in different countries. Creating a different view to find beauty in random things and ordinary objects we use in our daily lives rather than simply focusing on beautiful sceneries or objects.



A little about some of my paintings ...



Ocean storm

In the middle of the ocean a sailor has wracked his ship. All his dreams are splashed and blown away. He doesn’t see sunlight in the sky. For as far as his eyes can see, everywhere is a misty and dark stormy wave. He knows that soon he will drown into the deep ocean and nobody is around to hear his last words. He looks at the sky for the last time hoping to see the sun for the last time, but in vain.







There are several connection lines in life. Most people take the straight line but usually end up with broken ones through their journey. Starting with one goal but ending up with many other less important things. Looking back at where we started trying to enjoy our achievements along the way, being grateful wherever we are now, that it’s bigger than the goal itself.





Sky within

The sky has many different colors. If we look closely, we can see the clouds telling us a story and showing us different images in every season of the year. It shows us the beautiful rainbow; it covers the sun and let it shine on us whenever it feels like it. Our mood reflects the one of the sky.






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